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The highest dose of Organic Marine liquid collagen in one small sachet.

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To feel and look your best, use Benjamin Button Collagen regularly.

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Customer Reviews

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Stefanie McLean

Really happy with the collagen so far but it’s still early days

I.L. Summers
Taste OK

This is a collagen drink that comes in 14 sachets, each containing 10,000mg of marine collagen, vitamin C, and hyaluronic acid. The product claims to improve the appearance and health of skin, nails, hair, joints, and bones by boosting the body’s natural collagen production and hydration. I have started taking this but yet to see results.

Matthew Telles

Nice way to get some collagen, which is something that most people need and can help a lot with many different things!

Beilliant collagen

Love the taste and its a strong dosage.Been taking this for a while and am suoer happy with the results. Helping me with joint and muscle recovery as i’m a regular gym goer.

A tasty effective way to get your daily collagen

Will need to give it time to see if it works properly, but it loses a star as I am very put off by the silly 'stop the ageing process' marketing with the picture of the guy with a half young/half old face. Makes me question the authenticity of the claims that you're getting 10,000mg of collagen, that it's organic, that it works etc etc.Ripping the top off doesn't always work either so I often just snip the whole top off at the base, otherwise the liquid doesn't come out properly. It's an orangey flavour, a bit like an Oasis, with no fishy flavour or aftertaste whatsoever. I just squeeze it it to my mouth (or suck it out if it's not coming out), no need to dilute it with water or anything. I paid £17.95 which seemed good for 10,000mg of collagen but now it's £26+.